Bottom production

In 2004, the plant mastered the serial production of torispherical, pseudo-elliptical, conical and flat heads on the imported equipment of the firm "Schleifstein" (press for free forming, flanging machine).

Dimensions of manufactured heads: elliptical – internal diameter from 300 mm up to 800 mm, thickness 3-6 mm; torispherical – internal diameter from 900 mm up to 7200 mm, thickness 4-26 mm. Material of blanks – carbon steels (St3ps and others); low-alloyed steels (09G2S and etc.); high-alloy and corrosion-resistant steels (12Х18Н10Т, 08Х18Н10, 08Х18Н10Т, 03Х17Н14М3, 10Х17Н13М2Т) and also their foreign analogs; copper (М3р); aluminium (AD0, AD1)

It is possible to manufacture compound heads with a diameter larger than D 7200 mm.

All products are certified and can be manufactured according to the standards of the Russian Federation (GOST), Germany (DIN) and the USA (ASME).

Станок для отбортовки днищСтанок для штамповки днищ


Псевдоэллиптическое днище, торосферическое днище, плоско-выпуклое днище, плоское днище, коническое днище


Upon the customer’s request the heads can be heat-treated, the edges and inner surfaces can be processed (etching, grinding, blasting), inspection of welded joints can be performed.

Heads are manufactured in accordance with TU 36150600021736605

Производство днищ. .Производство днищ

Производство днищ. .Производство днищ

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