JSC "ZAVKOM" manufactures vertical cylindrical vessels of carbon and stainless steel with a volume from 100 m3 up to 5,000 m3, designed for the storage of aggressive, explosive substances in the chemical and petrochemical industry, and also offers services for their integrated design, fabrication, installation of ladders and service platforms, piping.
Vessels are manufactured with a working pressure up to 0.005 MPa, a temperature of -50 ° C at a vacuum to 1000 Pa of various designs and accessories:

  • with conical self-supporting roofs
  • with conical frame roofs
  • with dome roofs
  • with floating roofs
  • with internals
  • with heat insulation
  • with heating and cooling coils

The assembly technology for vessels by the method of top-down construction allows to doit  without crane technique and it saves space during installation.