Sugar industry

Equipment for sugar industry

JSC "ZAVKOM" together with the company ВМА has manufactured four beet-sugar extraction plants of continuous operation.

A continuous extraction plant is used to extract sugar from sugar beet chips. After the chips passed through the countercurrent scalding machine and the column diffusion apparatus, it produces a high purity diffusion juice, with a high solids content and a low temperature. The sterile mode of operation without air access reduces infections and associated sugar losses to a minimum.

JSC "ZAVKOM" offers extraction plants with capacity from 3 000 to 12 000 tons per day. Extraction plants with capacity of 5 000 and 6 000 tons per day are in demand in the Russian market at the moment.

Extraction plants manufactured together with the company ВМА have the following advantages and features:

  • experience in the construction of more than 340 extraction plants in almost all the sugar-processing countries of the world;
  • small production area;
  • the possibility of installation of a counterflow scalding device at a considerable distance from the column diffusion apparatus
  • maximum reliability of operating;
  • a flexible approach to operating conditions and chip quality, with processing capacity ranging from 60% up to 120% of the nominal one;
  • the possibility to combine a counterflow scalding device with two or more column diffusers or one column diffusion apparatus with several counterflow scalding devices; minimum volume of maintenance.

Together with the company ВМА, our company manufactured and assembled extraction plants operating at the largest sugar factories in Russia, it is possible to obtain a European quality of manufacturing and a 15-20% saving in modernization costs.

JSC "ZAVKOM" manufactured equipment for the molasses processing plant. Desugarization of molasses according to the technical requirements of ESCON is innovative for Russian sugar factories. This technology allows you to extract additional sugar from the molasses. The technological line consists of a number of vessels and a group of molasses separators, which is the major element in the entire technological process of desugarization.

Supply to the Russian sugar plants of plate evaporators is rather perspective, because it is possible to compose rationally an evaporating station from currently produced apparatus with a tubular heating surface (1000, 1180, 1500, 1800, 2120, 2360 and 3000 m2) only for reconstructed and newly built plants by only 4.5-5.0 thousand tons processed beet per day. At higher productivity, for example, 9 thousand tons of beet, for the I stage of evaporation, tubular apparatus with a total heating surface of 8100; II 8550; III - 8100; IV - 4950; and V - 4500 m2 are needed (the total tubular heating surface of the residue is F 34,200 m2, specific f 380 m2 / 100 tons of beet). And these are a huge material and energy costs, as well as a huge production area.

Together with GEA company (Germany), the official representative of which is Mashimpex, our company supplied and installed an evaporator station of six evaporators at JSC “Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant”.

Plate evaporators in comparison with tubular ones are characterized by:

  • more than twice the average operating heat transfer coefficient and, correspondingly, a smaller heating surface;
  • possibility, in this respect, to place two to three times larger plate-shaped heat exchange surface of a specific configuration in the same volume;
  • possibility to operate at a lower potential of the heating steam


Projects of mastered equipment have been implemented.

During the period from 2005 to 2008, JSC "ZAVKOM" masteder manufacturing of the following items and systems for the technological process of sugar production:

  1. Extraction plant (units and parts of the diffusion column and scalding machine) together with the company ВМА (Germany) with a capacity of 5000 and 6000 tons per day (JSC "Elan”, JSC Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant", JSC "Uspensky Sugar Factory", JSC "Zemetchinsky Sugar Factory").
  2. Vertically supported molds (together with BMA), two sets are delivered, together with installation (JSC “Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant”, JSC “Elan”).
  3. Units and parts of the vacuum apparatus according to the drawings of the company BMA (JSC “Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant”).
  4. Vacuum apparatus of continuous operation in cooperation with Fives Cail, France (JSC “Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant”, JSC “Elan”).
  5. Sextuple-effect evaporator together with the company GEA Ecoflex (JSC “Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant”).
  6. Juice purification apparatus is in accordance with the technical documentation of PUTSCH, Germany (JSC "Elan").
  7. Shells of candle filters are according to the requirements of PUTSCH, Germany (JSC "Elan").
  8. Molasses separators are in accordance with the technical requirements of ESCON, Germany (JSC "Olkhovatsky Sugar Plant").

In the near future, JSC "ZAVKOM" is planning to continue development of sugar industry, establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with Russian and Foreign partners.

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