Sugar industry

Sugar industry

The production of equipment for sugar factories was selected into a separate line of activity of our enterprise in 2005. Today the enterprise participates actively in the started modernization of the production capacities of the sugar industry, acting as a supplier of equipment. To manufacture competitive equipment, the plant began to cooperate with the largest European development companies, including BMA (Germany), Fives Cail Group (France), Putsch (Germany), GEA (Germany), ESCON (Germany).
High-tech equipment produced by the plant together with foreign machine-building enterprises was assembled and installed by the assembly department of JSC ZAVKOM at the largest sugar plants in Russia - Olkhovat Sugar Refinery (Voronezh Region), Uspensky Sugar Plant (Krasnodar Region), JSC "Elan" (Voronezh Region), JSC "Zemetchinsky sugar factory" (Penza Region).

Head of the equipment marketing and sales department
Mihalev Mikhail V.
e-mail: food@zavkoms.ru; Mihalev_mv@zavkoms.ru
tel./fax: (4752) 793-740
mobile: 8-910-750-42-72

Leading specialist of the marketing and equipment sales department
Astaulova Anna E.
e-mail: astaulova_ae@zavkoms.ru
tel./fax: (4752) 793-740
mobile: 8-915-867-40-75

Leading manager of the marketing and equipment sales department
Samodurov Maxim V.
e-mail: samodurov_mv@zavkoms.ru
tel./fax: (4752) 793-738
mobile: 8-910-752-87-41