Production of champagne and wine

Equipment for champagne and wine production

The priority direction for our company is equipping the wine industry enterprises with modern technological equipment, manufactured taking into account the latest achievements of food industry. As materials for vessels manufacturing stainless steel of grade AISI 304, 316L, 321 - analogs of steel 12H18N10T, 03H12N14M2, 08H18N10T is used.

Vessels are assembled at the high-performance complex of flow line vertical assembly of Imcar vessels shell (Italy). Heads are manufactured using BOLDRINI machines (Germany) by cold press forming method and pumping with further polishing to roughness as per Ra, which not exceeds 0.2 microns. Benches with automatic argon arc welding and plasma welding of ESAB (Sweden) make it possible to achieve high quality of welded joint, which is especially important for large vessels operating under excessive pressure and requiring grinding and polishing of the joint surface. Cooling shells are fabricated using German equipment by the method of profile forming from a plate and its simultaneous automatic welding to the item.

In order to increase the service life and obtain perfect appearance of the vessel, manufactured by our company, mechanical pickling and passivation area of final products and their blanks are implemented.

For companies of wine industry we offer:

  • Vessels operating at normal pressure (horizontal and vertical):
  • Vessels for wine and wine making materials storage
  • Vessels for fermentation including vinification unit
  • Pressure tanks and blend tanks
  • Buffer vessels – tanks (of any volume and design).

Vessels operating at increased pressure:

Heat exchangers of the “tube-in-tube” type

Water treatment system
Clean in place units
Refrigerating machine
Filling lines

JSC "ZAVKOM" produces complete sets of equipment with pumps, shut-off and control valves, agitators, cooling / heating jackets, pipelines, automatic control systems, and separate units and parts for technological departments of wineries.

The vessels are assembled both at the factory and at the places of their operation.

Head of the equipment marketing and sales department
Mihalev Mikhail V.
e-mail: food@zavkoms.ru; Mihalev_mv@zavkoms.ru
tel.: (4752) 79-37-40
fax: (4752) 79-37-40; 71-10-19

Manager of the equipment marketing and sales department
Samodurov Maxim V.
e-mail: samodurov_mv@zavkoms.ru
tel./fax: (4752) 793-738
mobile: 8-910-752-87-41