Nuclear industry

Equipment for nuclear industry

Vessels: Tanks for deactivating solutions, tanks for drainage water, vessels for fluid displacement, pressure tanks, storage tanks for acids and alkalis, tanks for receiving liquid radioactive waste, condensate containers, filtrate and sludge tanks, alkali and acid solutions, decontamination baths, nitrogen receivers and hydrogen, air collectors, as well as any non-standard vessels. Any other vessels necessary for the Customer with a diameter of up to 6 m in the finished form with a wall thickness of up to 40 mm. large-sized items are delivered in the disassembled form with the subsequent assembly of equipment on-site.

Items with mechanical and hydraulic mixing devices: synthetic detergents, surfactants, soda ash, sodium polyphosphate in volume from 0.2 to 40 m3 for internal and external heating devices.

Heat exchangers: coolers, industrial heat exchangers, regenerative heat exchangers, sampling coolers, evaporators with and other heat exchangers required by the Customer.

Water treatment equipment and installations for special water treatment: mechanical filters, ion-exchange filters, regenerative filters, clarifying filters, trap filters, foam absorber mixers, hydro-overload filters, pre-treatment filters, filtration units.

Units of heat insulation for pipelines and equipment of reactor sections of nuclear power plants.


Filtering systems at the suction of emergency drainage pumps of pipelines of the first circuit of the nuclear power plant.

Equipment for a complex for the disposal of liquid radioactive waste.

Various non-standard equipment.

Leading manager of equipment for NPP
Devyatkov Valery
e-mail: power@zavkoms.ru
tel.: (4752) 79-37-73
fax: (4752) 79-35-24