Equipment for the production of nanomaterials

Product specification:

Capacity: up to 2000 kg per year

Temperature: 630-650 С

Pressure: atm.

Raw material: СхНу

Power: 35 kW

Dimension: 3,7 х 2,8 х 2,0 m

Catalyst load and CNMs outload - automatic


1. catalyst input material; 2. mixer; 3. ultrasonic mechanical activator; 4. furnace; 5. classifier; 6. catalyst metering device; 7. reactor of CNM “Taunit” synthesis; 8. filters block; 9. gaz mixer; 10. separator of gaz mixture; 11. CNM unloading; 12. apparatus of acid wash-out; 13. acid neutralizer; 14. dryer; 15. raw product classifier.

The quality of the manufactured equipment is confirmed by the certificate of international standards MS ISO series 9001:2000.

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