Equipment for production of nanomaterials

Beginning with 2005 ZAVKOM Industries develops new divisionequipment for production of nanomaterials.

We closely collaborate with Tambov State Technical University, “Nanotechcentre” Ltd and “Tambov Innovative Technological Centre of Mechanical Engineering” Ltd. Team of researchers carries out research and development work in and around nanomaterials, learns characteristics and abilities of industrial use of the synthesized product.


The result of this work is reactor of carbon nanomaterial “Taunit” manufacturing that has

no analogs in the world. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes are synthesized by method of chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Today our equipment is successfully sold on international market. Production lines in different packaging arrangement have been supplied and successfully work in Vladimir State University (Russia), Zhitomir (Ukraine) and Tokio (Japan).


ZAVKOM Industries named in honour of N.S. Artemov offers production line for carbon nanomaterial manufacturing, which includes:

  • reactor for synthesis of carbon nanomaterial;

  • system of gas preparation;

  • system of automatics;

  • system of reaction product utilization;

  • system of acid product purification;

  • system of telemetering control of synthesis process.


Our production capacity and experience of specialists enable to take part in nanotechnological equipment development according to your source data and individual projects, produce, mount, place in operation and provide support manning of our equipment.


We invite scientific laboratories, that have their own projects of nanotechnological equipment, and industrial enterprises, that plan to update their production lines by force of adoption of functionalized nanomaterials and nanomodificators, to collaboration and discussion.


ZAVKOM Industries named in honour of N.S. Artemov together with our partner's team of researchers is ready to offer industrially applicable technologies of nanoproducts use, supply the equipment for nanomaterials production, start manufacturing and train your stuff.


Answer your questions to the Head of Polyfunctional Carbon Materials Section and Superconcentrates based on them

Dmitriy Tarov


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