Technology of Russian bread beverage production

Technology of Kvass Production

The full cycle of production of kvass of natural fermentation, from the beginning of preparation to the bottling line is 3 days.

The production cycle includes the preparation of sugar syrup, acceptance and sterilization of kvass wort concentrate (KWC), preparation and storage of "corrected" water, cultivation and preparation of yeast. After carrying out the preparatory work, the "corrected" water is fed into the fermentation section; the water is mixed in the flow with sugar syrup and KKS, and at the time of mixing, yeast is dosed into the stream. So kvass wort is fed to the fermentation section. Fermentation of kvass wort, until the obtaining of natural kvass, averages one day, depending on the formulation. From the fermentation section kvass is fed to the filtration section and further to the bottling line.

The plant for the production of natural fermentation kvass of 100m3 per day is located on two sites with a total area of 1300m2.

The first site is a building with overall dimensions (width / length / height, m.) 30/37/7, in which the following sections and technological equipment are located:

1. Section of preparation and storage of sugar syrup

2. Department of sterilization of kvass wort concentrate(KWC)

3. Water treatment section

4. Section of water storage and distribution

5. Yeast section

6. Two-circuit automatic CIP washing station

The second site is a building with overall dimensions (width / length / height, m) 14/14/4, in which the fermentation section is located.

Also we offer automation systems of production.

A qualified team of specialists from JSC "ZAVKOM" will assemble the process equipment (cold water vessel from 50m3), installation of the thermal insulation of the CCT from 50 m3 at the site of the Customer, which will reduce its costs for transportation of oversized equipment, and also will perform assembly work on the piping of section and all the plant, electrical and automation equipment. During the installation on the site of the Customer there is a highly skilled supervisor and automated machine operator. Upon completion of supervision and commissioning, the personnel of the Customer is trained.

The cost of a complex plant for the production of kvass of natural fermentation depends on the complexity of the enterprise (buildings available on site, supply of the existing process mains, etc.), the level of automation and many other parameters.

The approximate timeframe for the implementation of this project, from the beginning of the design and ending with the launch, is 6 to 8 months. The approximate payback period of this project is 1.5 - 2 years, depending on the market of finished products. JSC "ZAVKOM" offers the supply of individual equipment, for the organization of a new production, a comprehensive reconstruction of the plant and the delivery of any turnkey branch. The scheme of work is approximately the same as when building new enterprises "on the turn-key basis". Terms and cost depend on the specific requirements of the Customer, on the scope of work and are discussed in each case.

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