Technology of Russian bread beverage production

Russian bread beverage (kvass) production


Many years of experience in design guarantee you professional management (ISO 9001-2015) from the first idea to the full implementation of the project.

JSC «ZAVKOM» offer full range of services:

  • development of a new plant project;
  • performance of the functions of general contracting;
  • fabrication and delivery of equipment;
  • supply of components;
  • assembly operations;
  • contract supervision and commissioning activities;
  • personnel training;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

At the design stage, the specialists of our company, in close cooperation with the specialists of the "Customer", work out the specific requirements that the "Customer" raises to the future plant. Based on the survey and the wishes of the "Customer", a technical task is jointly prepared. This allows fulfilling the requirements of the "Customer" at the highest level.

Based on the mechanical datasheet, a preliminary project budget is prepared, which includes a preliminary process flow sheet, a list of basic equipment, a list of capacitive equipment, estimated costs for pipelines, electricians, automation, installation, commissioning and design works. An estimation of the necessary areas for production is also given.

The next stage is the development of a technological project. At its first stage, the process flowsheet approving is finalized, the equipment plan is approved with the "Customer" and the construction organization, issuing data sheets for design of buildings and structures to third-party design organizations, development of accurate drawings of capacitive equipment, accurate specification of the main process equipment, schemes, means of automation.

Specialists of our company use the latest design tools, one of which is three-dimensional modeling. Three-dimensional modeling allows the "Customers" and engineers to consider a practical model before final approval of the project.

To implement the project on building a complete shop for natural fermentation kvass production with capacity of 100 m3 per day you will need a site with a total area of not less than 1300 m2, as well as the ability to connect the technological highways:

  • water;
  • air;
  • steam (pressure 4 atm.);
  • electric energy (380 V).

The raw material for the production of kvass of natural fermentation is:

  • portable water;
  • yeast (bakery, kvass, lactic-acid bacteria);
  • kvass wort concentrate (amount of kvass wort concentrate is considered taking into account the approved process flowsheet and accepted formulation);
  • sugar (the amount of sugar is calculated based on the process flowsheet approved at the stage of agreement and the approved formulation).

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