The factory was founded in 1933 as a chemical engineering plant. In the same year the first beer rectification unit was made of copper and its alloys.

Throughout its history, the factory has been constantly increasing the scientific and technical potential of its production, opening new lines of activity and improving old ones.
At present the factory is a modern production with a unique technology and a complex of equipment with a wide range of application.

Some milestones of the history of the factory are indicative:

1934 - The first unit for separating coke cooling was manufactured, at the same time other equipment for the chemical industry was manufactured.

1946 - The production of large-size items of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels was mastered.

1948 - The manufacture of water desalination plants and heat exchangers for the shipbuilding industry was begun, including a desalination plant for the nuclear icebreaker Lenin

1962 - Heat exchangers used in installations for obtaining helium from natural gas by the method of deep sedimentation were manufactured.

1966 - By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for ensuring high growth rates of production of complex capacitive chemical equipment, the factory was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

1967 - The beginning of the factory’s cooperation with research institutes in the nuclear and radio engineering industry - a resonator for the Serpukhov synchrophasotron was manufactured.

1970 - The manufacturing technique of equipment from bi-and trimetal using the method of vacuum-diffusion welding for especially aggressive products and research in the field of nuclear physics was mastered.

1977 - The manufacture of membrane separation units for liquid media, as well as installations for the separation of gaseous media based on hollow fiber was mastered.

1992 - The production of complex lines of boiling and saccharification of starch-containing raw materials for distilleries, equipment for liquor, wine, beer and non-alcoholic plants, stop valves was started.

1998 - The manufacture of processing facilities for transformer oils, the production of gases by the adsorption method (oxygen, nitrogen), fire equipment and beer tanks was mastered.

2000 - The manufacture of equipment for the gas industry was mastered.

2001 - The manufacture of equipment for the nuclear power plant was mastered. The following equipment was developed, manufactured and delivered: Filtering system of sump tanks of the emergency core cooling systems, for the 3rd and 4th units of Kola NPP.

2002 - Items with a mixing device were manufactured and delivered for "Tianwan NPP" of the People's Republic of China.


  • The similar system was developed for the 1st and 2nd units of Kola NPP, the 3rd and 4th units of Novovoronezh NPP.
  • Vessels and water treatment units were manufactured and delivered for nuclear power plants. Quick-release heat insulation was developed for the reactor section of the nuclear power plant.
  • The production of a brewing line for a brewery with a capacity of up to 2 million dal of beer per year was mastered.

2004 - Quick-release heat insulation was manufactured and shipped. A heat pumping unit was manufactured.

2005 - The manufacture of a dual heat exchanger for the reconstruction of the ethylene oxide plant and glycols was mastered;

2007 - The manufacture of boilers for the railroad tanker with high-concentration hydrogen peroxide for the cosmodrome was mastered;


  • The production of evaporators with a vapor space for the purification of associated gas from hydrogen sulphide was mastered;
  • The manufacture of bunkers V = 1200m3 from aluminum-magnesium alloy for storage of terephthalic acid was mastered;
  • The manufacture of a "contact item with an integrated heat exchanger, in the production of sulfuric acid" was mastered. The body of a sulfur furnace complete with gas flues was manufactured;

2009 - The manufacture of a heat exchanger with a double tube sheet was mastered;


  • The production of ball tanks V = 600m3, DN = 10500mm was mastered;
  • The manufacture of equipment from titanium was mastered;

2011 - The production, fabrication and delivery of "Polymerizers V = 14.3" was mastered in the framework of construction of a butyl rubber plant;


  • The manufacture of contact items was mastered in the framework of the reconstruction of sulfuric acid production;
  • The manufacture of waste-heat boilers was mastered;


  • Production of a hot and cold separator was mastered in the framework of the construction of ELOU-AT-3 (electrical desalting plant), hydrotreating unit, delayed coking unit and treatment facilities;
  • The manufacture of a convection coil for exhaust gas heater PVG-1200 was mastered.

2014 - The manufacture of a tube bundle with a floating head was mastered;

2015 - Reactor R-101 for the production of polymeric petroleum resins was manufactured;

2016 - Devices, tanks, items with mixing devices were manufactured and delivered for Tianwan NPP 3,4 units;

2017 - Vessels and heat exchangers were manufactured in the framework of the construction of the combined oil processing plant Euro + at the Moscow refinery.